Filmed in Audio

by Adler

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Altar/Grave 04:03
I lost all I ever had, all I ever was to the Barrack Side Like yesterday's STDs, you get it with a kiss, the place eats you alive The quiet and the cold, the sleeping boats Will I ever go where the water goes? I know I will never feel even half as real as that dark river dam It's a private road or something like a code only I understand The quiet and the cold, the sleeping boats Will I ever go where the water goes? Couldn't tell an altar from a grave, an altar from a grave Was it wrong I cannot even say, was anybody saved? Couldn't tell an altar from a grave, an altar from a grave Was it wrong I cannot even say, how can I get away? The factory gates are gaping wide, you'll never make it alive from the Barrack Side
Oh, Time 03:47
You live and die, the dial stays the same I see the hands rotating Like helicopter blades See the second fall to fill the hour A freeze frame of that moment I want to make my life The beauty of the day Slaughtered by the clock again Rotating helicopter blades Rotating helicopter blades This is a treasure no one ever sees A universe a second The lightning speed of time Quicksilver moments dripping into space They stretch and bend and glimmer At last I am alive
Have you heard the wall is glass? They say it’s only painted over To look like stone, looks like stone. I will, you will hit the wall, This car’s got no brakes at all. Doin’ fine, doing ninety, I don’t mind, how can I see The point of no return up ahead, coming at me? I just hope it won’t hurt, no one knows if it hurts There’s no other way to leave this world. Have you heard we never stop? We’re supposed to keep on going When we break through, we’ll break through The curtain to another life, We’re on a never-ending drive. Think of life as a rat-race or a high-speed chase, Think of time as a car with no brakes. Let’s check out with maximum grace, Get me out of this place.
Evidence 04:14
Hell, I know what I want it to be, All of my obsessions Staring at me out of the wallpaper maze. This song will play till the end of days. It’ll drive you crazy. A weekend in Hell, I’m on a diet of liquor and lust, Maybe I’m dying, maybe I’m lost. A weekend in Hell, A place I know too well. “Hell” – read the ticket, that’s what it says, Look at my transgressions, Dancing evidence, do the grind. They called me sick but I seem to find More truth in my time.
We are your darkest dreams, we are the ones that seem Completely mad. We love to pour more spice on everybody’s rice And daily bread. Стикс и Камень Говорят, стена – стекло, Лишь покрашена под камень, Пробьем насквозь. До нее у нас вся жизнь На тачке без тормозов. Иду нормально – 120, Затормозить не удастся, Ну и что, все равно, стены еще не видно. Больно это или нет – нет другого пути С этого света. Говорят, что смерти нет, Просто жизнь и бесконечность, Мы пройдем сквозь эту стену, Сквозь штору на другой этап, Мы едем по шоссе без конца. Пусть жизнь – борьба или погоня, А время – автомобиль без тормозов. Давай уйдем красиво, Свалим отсюда нафиг. Вещдоки Ад, знаю, каков он будет для меня: Все, что в жизни не давало покоя, пристально глядит сквозь узоры на обоях. Эта песня будет играть вечно, Ты спятишь от нее. Выходные в Аду, Вот моя диета – разврат и бухло, Может, сдохну, может, выйду на свет. Выходные в Аду, Бывал там не раз. «Ад» - вот место назначения, Мои прегрешения Танцуют с обличениями танец живота. Говорили «ты псих», зато я правды откопал Больше остальных. Голуби лают на плоть человеческую Мы твои кошмары, а с виду – полная шиза. Мы любим острое, соленое и жареное, тут вам не повседневность! And when the pills wear off, Every new thrill’s an awful pile of shit. What’s there to write about? Another wild night out, another pit. No, I ain’t Naming names: Satan knows our home addresses anyway. Yes, we are The Noir Brigade, Masters of the Tar & Feather trade. You read a book about a dying leper Wrote a story about transsexuals Saw a film about a schizo that cut himself Sniffing glue in the back of an opera I think it’s time to roll another one Put on something nobody’s ever heard I salivate when I feel necrophilia I eat my feces in Independent Media Paid by the independent media Paid by Independent Media.
Endless possibilities raining on me, Then drying up as the sun comes out. I’m more of what I was, less of who I am. Man loses his freedom With every breath he takes, Our right to live time steals away. You’re someone’s investment, They want their return, Free education was their end of the deal. …and now your country wants you your country wants you your country wants you and it’s not love I’m more of what I was, less of who I am.
Antifreeze 05:57
Your discovery of antifreeze as a favourite drink Ain’t coming until Act III. All that matters now is this man on speed is your friend in need, Ask Lady Luck out on a Friday, Take Lady Luck out on a Friday night And you hit the town, but it hits you back And you can’t get up for the rest of your life, It’s a Permanent Knockdown, And you can’t get up for the rest of your life. Peaceful like the liquid that passed your lips when the bottle kissed you, You pass out among the leaves. Well this alley leads to a valley of losers with slashed wrists Who took Lady Luck out on a Friday… and they hit the town but it hit right back Yeah it sure is hard not to take to heart all the shit that floats, But dig deeper — you’ll never notice the stink and grime, if you don’t waste time staring at your clothes Ask Lady Luck out on a Friday… Go on, hit the town, maybe it won’t hit back And you won’t go down for the rest of your life in a Permanent Knockdown…
The freak show is over, It’s raining, it’s late, The circus is leaving town. Time for the Siamese twins to separate, The strongman will hold them down. Do you think you really want to be a part of me? Do you think you really want to be, want to be someone’s Siamese Twin? Baby, breaking free is agony, do you know what it means? Do you want to be a Siamese Twin? They used to be one In more ways than one, Now separate ways they’ll go. It’s painful, but partings are never fun, The midget will find a saw. ‘Nobody will ever be closer to me’ Said one to the other and sighed. ‘Bleeding on this barroom table Is the last time you’ll see us together, But we’ll keep the scars on our sides.’
Genderless 01:35
I know you’re trying to tell me something But some of us really don’t care. Your religion is your own business. Some of us really don’t care. Leave me alone, your planet is not my home. I’m not wrong. And can you do what’s not in your manual? Leave me alone, I wanna go home to the void Out there. Mother told you to follow orders, But some of us really don’t care. Don’t you ever upset the neighbours, Some of us really don’t care. I wanna go home to the void Out there.


released October 11, 2007


all rights reserved



Adler Moscow, Russia

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